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We are an international Non-Governmental Organisation based in Bolzano, Italy. Together with our sister organisation EcoHimal Nepal, based in Kathmandu, we aim to provide people in the Himalayas with better life conditions on a long-term basis and supporting them in taking the development of their region into their own hands. 

Ongoing projects

  • Drinking water system for mountain villages in East Nepal
  • Reconstruction aid for Waku mountain village

The projects are funded by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano/Bozen and the Autonomous Region Trentino-Südtirol/Alto Adige, Italy.

Ongoing projects

  • Drinking Water for Mountain Villages in East Nepal (co-financed by the AUTONOMOUS PROVINCE OF BOLZANO/BOZEN

    Between January 2013 and January 2016 EcoHimal Nepal and EcoHimal Austria were working in villages in East Nepal, providing poor and marginalised people with basic needs in health care and hygiene.

    As part of the Rural Health Project - with the support of the Autonomous Region of Bolzano – EcoHimal Südtirol-AltoAdige has financed a Drinking Water Project for the community of Deusa. By constructing and developing drinking water systems (incl. pipelines, tanks and tabs) the local community is now able to reach fresh water within maximum 10 Minutes walking.

    In three wards, pipelines from two fresh water sources (Doha Khola and Khaltey) are built so that 270 households profit from having access to drinking water. Additionally the communities participate in trainings for hygiene and-hand wash trainings in order to develop awareness for the importance of hygiene in everyday life, and the thoughtful use of water resources. Especially women and children profit from the construction of drinking water systems because traditionally they are responsible for the water, and often they need to walk for up to 4 hours in order to get to the closest water source. Now women can be more actively engaged in community life. The workers are also trained in constructing and planning a drinking water system so that they are able to construct new pipelines, tanks and tabs, whenever necessary.

    Project term: 01.01.2015 – 31.12.2015

  • Reconstruction in the farm village Waku (co-financed by the AUTNOMOUS REGION TRENTINO-SÜDTIROL)

    This project is supporting reconstruction after the devastating earthquake in April 2015. With the financial support of our donors (among others The Social Network Südtirol) and the Autonomous Region Trentino-Südtirol in total 4 schools are going to be rebuilt and 2 drinking water systems to be repaired, which were either fully damaged or to the extent that they could not be used anymore.

    The wards 7, 8 and 9 are the most remote areas. It takes 3 hours to one entire day (walking, because there are no roads) in order to reach there. Here all 4 schools were destroyed. The reconstruction of the schools is especially important, because there are no alternatives for the children to go to school wherefore they remain without access to education. But, it is education that can lead out of poverty.

    In addition, the drinking water systems in this area were damaged or destroyed by the earthquake, so that the water supply cannot be assured anymore.  In consequence, wards 3 and 4 are suffering from drought, because there are as well no alternative springs and water sources available.

    Project term: 01.01.2016 - 31.12.2016

  • Reconstruction Aid in Waku (supported and co-financed by the AUTONOMOUS PROVINCE OF BOLZANO/BOZEN)

    The major goal of this project is to re-establish livelihood of the local communities. With the support of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano in total 7 living houses and 2 schools are going to be renovated and rebuilt including the Seismic Resilience Model released by the Nepalese government. Especially poor and socially marginalised households are supported by the reconstruction of their houses providing construction material and training in seismic resilient designing.

    In addition to the households also 2 affected schools (Shree Chosmi Primary School und Jaleshori Lower Secondary School) are going to be repaired and renovated according to seismic resilient construction.

    Project term: October 2015 - 31.12.2016

EcoHimal teachs people in Himalaya regionPoverty reduction and capacity building in Himalaya regionHealthy food for poor people in Himalaya regionCultural co-operation and cultural heritage conservation in Himalaya


All EcoHimal projects pursue ecological, economic, social and cultural objectives and are implemented in close collaboration with the local communities. Combating poverty and protecting biodiversity in order to ensure sensible co-existence of mankind and nature in the long term – these are the big tasks of all development cooperation.

Our four main programme sectors are the following:

  • Capacity building and education
  • Healthcare and regional development
  • Biodiversity preservation and sustainable tourism
  • Cultural co-operation and cultural heritage conservation

Current events

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Every cent counts. And we will ensure that each and every Euro will be used efficiently and with a view to sustainability. Together with EcoHimal you are helping to improve the conditions of living of the people, preserving their cultures and enabling them to take the development of their villages, their regions and their country into their own hands. 

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